Things a Pet Groomer Wants You to Know

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Professional dog grooming has many advantages, from providing impeccable cleanliness and care for your adorable best friend to convenience in your busy schedule. Whether your lovely dog is visiting a pet groomer for the first time or not, the usual atmosphere there is a busy and noisy place full with other dogs too. So, it’s pretty normal for your puppy to get little nervous. The best approach is to get him socialized. When you walk together in the park, you can encourage your four-legged friend to play with other dogs. Here we offer some advice on how to prepare your puppy for his first visit.

When bath time comes, your pet will have to accept the reality, he will get his claws, fur, teeth, and ears checked and cleaned. So, the earlier he gets used to the idea that he will be washed on a regular basis, the better. Larger dogs may need more training than smaller ones, but you can start training your puppy from an early age to accept that this is normal, by bathing him occasionally and giving him treats throughout or make it like playtime with a toy or two. You can even play on your lawn with the garden hose, so he gets used to the spray that professional dog groomers use. What you should know is that pet grooming can be a pretty stressful process for some breeds. Not all dogs like being touched, combed, dried, tugged, and manipulated. But when you socialize it, it will get used to the attention.

Another aspect of the preparation process is to keep your furry friend fed and well rested. The main point is to keep him as calm as possible. Never take your pet to a local pet grooming shop if he is hungry. Also, always bring some of his favorite food in case he does get hungry. Last but not least, talk to your dog. Let him hear your voice, try to calm him down with a suitable tone of voice assuring him that everything os going to be fine.

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